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If you're looking to do something different in your kitchen, you might want to consider the option of a solid-surface countertop such as Corian or LG Hi-Macs. For a few more dollars than other types of countertops, they make a bold and beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Solid surface tops are manufactured from specific polymer and acrylic blends, chemically engineered to be resistant to stains and acids. Besides good looks, solid surface material offers a number of benefits when used as a kitchen countertop. The material is solid color throughout; the color and pattern go all the way through the countertop. This differs from a plastic laminate top, which only has a surface layer of material over a substrate of plywood or particleboard, and even ceramic tile, which has a glazed color layer over a white core.

This translates to a top that is extremely durable and easy to maintain and repair. The material is non-porous and naturally resistant to a number of stains, so routine maintenance typically involves only washing with a damp cloth. But should you stain, burn or scratch the surface, you can literally sand it off. Depending on the severity of the stain, you can use anything from abrasive household cleanser to fine sandpaper to remove the discoloration

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